During my sessions with clients in large corporate gyms, I often use advanced equipment mainly because it’s available and my clients are already paying for membership privileges.

Certainly, high-tech gym equipment has its advantages. It’s effective and convenient to use. However, if a client prefers to exercise at home, I can provide them with an equally effective workout as they’d receive in a fully-equipped gym.

This is especially beneficial for individuals who can’t always make it to a gym or lack access. But here’s an interesting point: some people don’t find at-home workouts as effective.

They thrive better in a gym environment for the motivation it offers or the social interaction it provides.

Both preferences are valid. The key is to identify what approach suits you best and stick to it.

So, where do you start? Well, here are some tools that you want to include in your arsenal:


You can get dowels cut at a hardware store. The circumference size isn’t crucial, just make sure to cut the length longer than your arm span. When getting the dowel cut at the store, make sure to ask for it to be sanded to prevent splinters.


These dumbbells are fantastic for building upper body strength at home. They offer a different muscle challenge compared to resistance bands.

I recommend opting for a set with various weights, as you might want to gradually increase the weight as you advance to avoid hitting a plateau.

Medicine Balls

The price of these medicine balls can vary based on the weight and brand. For beginners, a two-lb. ball is a good starting point. These balls are great for enhancing core strength and arm exercises.

Hook Grips

If you’re dealing with reduced grip strength, I suggest using hook grips. They don’t have to be elaborate, especially for home workouts.


These bands have different colors to show varying resistance levels. They’re versatile and great for home workouts. You can attach them to things, make loops, or put them on your wrists if gripping is hard.

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