The Idea Behind UNYQ

Operating from its production hub in Spain and boasting its own printing facility, UNYQ stands as a world-renowned company with global reach.
The enterprise specializes in crafting tailor-made prosthetic covers for both upper and lower-limb amputees, creating customized products on a large scale.
The remarkable aspect of UNYQ’s offerings lies in their dual nature – each product strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The company’s core mission revolves around facilitating healing while celebrating individuality, effectively addressing the realm of body image.

Modern Solutions for Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain (PLP) remains a complex and inadequately defined phenomenon experienced by most amputees, causing severe pain in the absent part of their body.
Similar to other chronic pain conditions, PLP can debilitate individuals when it emerges. However, promising avenues are emerging in the field of technology and medicine for managing PLP, offering hope for a brighter future.
Alongside conventional medical and holistic approaches, researchers are diligently working to comprehend and address this enigmatic issue, contributing to a better understanding of the phenomenon.
At the Atlantic Clinic, a team is …

Exploring Medical Cannabis for Pain Management

Amputees are increasingly exploring the potential benefits of medical cannabis for effective pain management with minimal side effects.
As the Canadian cannabis industry flourishes and public opinion in North America evolves, medical cannabis has emerged as a natural alternative for pain relief. However, the claims of its benefits often surpass the scientific evidence, leading to ongoing debates and confusion regarding its role as a prescription alternative.
Cannabis is available in three main varieties: Sativa (known for energetic and euphoric effects), Ruderalis (non-psychedelic, hunger-stimulating, and anti-nausea effects…