Operating from its production hub in Spain and boasting its own printing facility, UNYQ stands as a world-renowned company with global reach.

The enterprise specializes in crafting tailor-made prosthetic covers for both upper and lower-limb amputees, creating customized products on a large scale.

The remarkable aspect of UNYQ’s offerings lies in their dual nature – each product strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The company’s core mission revolves around facilitating healing while celebrating individuality, effectively addressing the realm of body image.

Recently, we engaged in a conversation with Eythor Bender, co-founder of UNYQ, and the discussion delved into the company’s ethos, clientele, and vision behind this impactful endeavor.

How did you come up with the idea behind UNYQ?

The idea for our product came about through the collaboration between my co-founder, Manuel Bosa Hernandez, and myself.

Manuel is an amputee, and he initially conceived the concept of focusing on prosthetic covers that emphasize body image. However, at that time, the technology was still in its early stages and quite costly.

In 2014, we joined forces to establish UNYQ, which became a turning point as the technology became more affordable and we secured the necessary intellectual property rights. Manuel and I both had previous experience working at Össur.

We recognized that while many amputees were regaining mobility, there was still something missing for some individuals. There was this desire to go beyond functionality and create a means for people to express themselves.

What path led you to found UNYQ?

Although I am not an amputee, my experience in the field of prosthetics stems from my time at Össur, where I had the privilege of being one of the early team members as employee number 35.

In that role, I led marketing and sales efforts, contributing to Össur’s global expansion. The 13 years I spent at Össur were incredibly rewarding, and it was during that journey that my passion for prosthetics grew.

Subsequently, I ventured into the realm of exo bionics, specifically exo skeleton technology, where I managed two companies in the field. This journey eventually led me to establish my own company, UNYQ, in 2014.

Were you considered the “new kid on the block” in this industry?

Embracing change is never easy. Introducing new technologies, especially in the medical sector, brings its own set of challenges.

Reimbursement issues and people’s perceptions often act as obstacles on this journey. However, we’ve observed that once individuals have the opportunity to see and touch our products, their skepticism diminishes rapidly.

The actual experience of interacting with the product has proven to be much more impactful than merely viewing it in pictures.

What would you consider a good day at work?

Engaging with our customers directly, dedicating time to gather their feedback, and truly understanding their emotions are invaluable aspects of our work.

Learning from their experiences helps us identify areas for improvement and innovation.

For instance, last year, when we introduced a new range of covers featuring innovative materials, the positive feedback we received on our enhancements was incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts on our customers’ lives brings me greater satisfaction than any paperwork ever could.

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