Learning from Experience: What I Wish I Knew

As an amputee, you have to go through some immense and drastic changes that are difficult to comprehend. You likely have countless questions, and each person you consult probably offers a different response.
Personally, even after 20 years as an amputee, I still haven’t uncovered all the answers. Nevertheless, here are a few insights I wish I knew during my journey:
Support from Other Amputees is Very Lifting
This is precisely why I established this website. During my upbringing, I experienced a sense of isolation as an amputee.
While I had a wonderful support network of friends and family, none of them …

The Struggles of Claiming Insurance

In the healthcare field, where regulations vary across regions, a multitude of stakeholders are competing for the attention of health and insurance policymakers.
Among these are orthotists and prosthetists who must actively validate claims submitted for their patients’ treatments.
In the domain of orthotics and prosthetics, certified orthotists (CO(c)) and certified prosthetists (CP(c)) are dedicating more time to tackle challenges posed by the claims process in both public and private healthcare insurance.
It’s essential for payer policies to stay current with advancements to guarantee that patients can …

3 Habits to Break When Facing Challenges

Lately, my schedule has been stretched thin, and there have been moments when I’ve sensed an overwhelming amount of stress.
To be honest, there have also been numerous moments of joy and gratitude, and I do recognize how fortunate I am to be able to engage in so many activities. Nonetheless, life has carried a weight of pressure lately, and despite achieving small victories, there have been stretches of time when I’ve felt utterly exhausted and demoralized.
If you’re facing challenges either in your personal or professional life and experiencing a sense of depletion, you might find value in the following …