Fostering Self-Esteem: Mary Anne Jackson’s Influence

At 56 years old, Mary Anne, a content and happily married mother of three grown children, approaches her missing limb with a straightforward attitude. However, her journey to this mindset was not always so clear-cut.
Born as a congenital amputee, Mary Anne’s formative years were spent in Toronto during the 1960s and 1970s, a period when the concept of inclusion wasn’t prevalent.
Similar to many individuals with amputations, Mary Anne’s childhood was marked by the use of various artificial limbs.
At the age of ten, she was fitted with a body-powered upper-extremity prosthesis equipped with a figure-8 …

Jason Lucci’s Reflection: Family, Fortitude, and Gratitude

Jason Lucci considers himself fortunate, not in the sense that his hand wasn’t fully taken by the pasta-making machine that caused his amputation, but for the blessings that accompanied his recovery – family support, his resilience, and the community he’s built to aid fellow amputees on their journeys.
Amid the trials, his journey has been a blend of personal growth and helping others facing similar challenges, creating a cycle of support and strength.
In 2017, an accident at work led to the loss of Lucci’s right hand. Remarkably, he sees a form of fortune even in that unfortunate incident. While operating…

Inside Darda Sales: All About the Bounce

Upon stepping into the competitive swimming realm, Darda Sales discovered her lane, but she didn’t confine herself to just that one path.
Unafraid of setbacks, she perceives life as a continuous learning journey. Navigating the intricacies of motherhood as an above-knee amputee, she extended her roles to encompass researcher, coach, classifier, and advocate for athletes with disabilities, particularly within the realm of swimming, through her involvement with Swim Ontario.
In life, challenges and difficult times are universal occurrences, regardless of whether one has a disability.
Darda’s philosophy …