Jason Lucci considers himself fortunate, not in the sense that his hand wasn’t fully taken by the pasta-making machine that caused his amputation, but for the blessings that accompanied his recovery – family support, his resilience, and the community he’s built to aid fellow amputees on their journeys.

Amid the trials, his journey has been a blend of personal growth and helping others facing similar challenges, creating a cycle of support and strength.

In 2017, an accident at work led to the loss of Lucci’s right hand. Remarkably, he sees a form of fortune even in that unfortunate incident. While operating a faulty penne-making machine at his job, he narrowly escaped more dire consequences.

Following the mishap, he embarked on a survival mission with thoughts centered around his new marriage and the determination to not become a widow-maker for his spouse.

Lucci’s story takes a unique turn in the hospital. Despite initial successful reattachment surgery, complications arose, and his hand couldn’t be saved.

Looking back, Lucci reflects that his situation, though altered, granted him more functional freedom than a non-functional and potentially painful hand. This perspective evolved over time; initially, his thoughts were consumed by concerns about self-care, functionality, and emotional support.

During his hospital stay, Lucci’s worries extended to his wife’s role as his caregiver, as she faced emotional and practical challenges with little external support. After leaving the hospital, he encountered the isolating void that often follows such traumatic experiences.

With his wife back at work, he confronted solitude, leading to emotional turmoil and a yearning for purpose.

His sanctuary emerged at the prosthetics clinic at West Park Hospital, where he met fellow amputees who shared their journeys. Connecting with others navigating similar paths offered him a lifeline, offering a renewed sense of belonging, understanding, and shared struggles. The camaraderie became his lifeline, transforming his outlook and leaving him happier after each visit.

Lucci’s amputation journey, marked by resilience, familial support, and community bonding, has fueled his advocacy and peer support initiatives. His desire to be a source of strength for others resonates deeply.

He acknowledges the powerful impact of connecting with people who genuinely understand the emotional turbulence of amputation, and he aims to provide that essential support system to others.

Lucci acknowledges that adapting to life as a left-handed individual has been an uphill journey. Everyday tasks like writing feel unfamiliar with his non-dominant hand, even when using his prosthesis.

Nevertheless, he finds equilibrium through his prosthetic hand. The attachment of the prosthesis brings about a sense of balance and wholeness. The prosthetic hand, in a way, enhances his sense of self-assuredness, assisting him in regaining control over tasks he once took for granted.

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