Invitation to submit

Authors are invited to submit articles following the style of presentation described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, 2nd printing.

Submissions and inquiries may be sent to The Editor at

Research Article Submissions

Contributions to the IJDCR are screened for relevance. Those deemed relevant are sent for peer review, using double blind method where both contributor and reviewer identities are anonymous. Feedback from a minimum of two reviewers is given to authors, along with advice on what will be required for the contribution to be published.
Word count: 4,000 - 8,000 words, not including abstract, tables or references.

Please include the following
* Title page
* Abstract
* Introduction
* Method
* Results
* Discussion
* References
* Appendices (if necessary)
* Tables and/or figures (if necessary)

Brief Research Reports

The content should reflect work or activities that may be novel for a particular country, but that is essentially confirmatory of prior research.
Word count: no more than 750 words

Book Reviews

Please note: the IJDCR does not accept unsolicited book reports. Please query the editor before writing / submitting a review.

Book reviews should cover several topics:
(a) an overview of the purpose of the book and the span of its content, the number of chapters, etc.;
(b) the main arguments advanced in the book, and the kinds of evidence these are based on;
(c) a critical commentary on the arguments and evidence (referring to a "critical reflection" on their meaning and implications);
(d) a summary paragraph stating your conclusion about the book, who the readers might be, etc.
Word count: 250 to 400 words.
Queries are welcomed by the editor at

From the Field

The IJDCR responds to the observation that the human service field is full of complexities and contradiction that include multi-layered perspectives on 'good practice.' The field has always struggled with the underlying 'values' that guide the actions and thoughts about disability, families, communities, social institutions and civil society.

This section publishes professional or personal accounts of experiences in practice (the field) that have life or program-shaping influences. The content should focus on how your experience invites 'good practice,' and how this differs from typical responses to people with disabilities. Articles submitted to this section may be peer reviewed.
Word count: 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Student Perspectives

The IJDCR encourages new and emerging thinking that informs existing practices, and that might challenge the core values of existing good practices in the field.

Students in the field of disability studies are invited to submit papers for publication on issues that impact lives in our communities, our institutions and our society as a whole. As disability practitioners move into an increasingly complex world, innovation and creativity is highly valued, and it is in this spirit that the perspective from its newest members is welcomed.

For detail on how to submit, see IJDCR's new Student Perspectives submission guidelines.

Invited Commentary

From time to time, IJDCR editors invite articles that critically analyze the body of knowledge pertinent to our field of inquiry. This implies a wide range of topics and issues with broad implication for lives of people with disabilities. Authors are invited for the breadth of their experience and noted analytic insights.

The desire for such commentary lies in the observation that our thoughts and practices languish in the absence of critical perspectives that are challenging and that promote innovation. The intent is that such articles help us to re-imagine a better future.
Word count: 5,000 words or less.

Technical Requirements

To submit your article electronically, create your article in your word processing program. Save the article as either Rich Text Format (.rtf), or as a MS Word (.doc), and name it with the title of the article, omitting articles such as the, a, an, etc..

What to include with a submission:

* an email address for a corresponding author c * an abstract (for research articles)
* A short bio of the author(s), including URLs of the author's project or university department
* up to 8 (eight) keywords per article


* Authors are asked to check all linked sources prior to submission
* If possible, please link your footnotes with anchors


We would like to see footnotes and bibliographic references in APA style. For guidance on how to cite sources, go to

Example of an electronic source

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Online Periodical, volume number(issue number if available). Retrieved from