Student Perspectives

Invitation to Submit to the IJDCR

The International Journal Disability, Community & Rehabilitation (the IJDCR) has established a forum for new voices called Student Perspectives, to reflect the perspective of emerging voices in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

We invite you to submit your paper on disability issues that affect the lives of people in our community, those with lived experience, and applied knowledge. Topics that explore disability issues and questions in an innovative or creative way are very welcome. The IJDCR editorial team will enter it into our publishing stream, including relevance review, double-blind peer reviewing, and refereeing.

This platform will provide you the opportunity to be published in an academic journal, and the chance to gain experience associated with the rigour of scholarly research standards and the publishing process.

Submissions must be written by students undertaking under-graduate, postgraduate or research degrees.

Here are IJDCR’s general requirements:

  • submissions must be between 1,000 and 5,000 words
  • submissions must provide an adequate review of disability studies literature
  • references must be clearly acknowledged in APA style
  • submissions must be specifically written for the IJDCR, taking into account its ethos and audience, and comply with our academic requirements
  • submissions should adequately discuss the methods used, and pay particular attention paid to the presentation and analysis of empirical data

Submission details are the same as for research articles. Please go to our submissions page for more detail.

For more information about the IJDCR, please go to or feel free to contact the editor at