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Index to Volumes from 1996 to 2000

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Volume 24, 2000

Post Secondary Education Models in Disability Studies and Community Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Education: A Southwestern United States Perspective

Les McAllen, Amos Sales, Charlene Kampfe, Mae Smith, Susan Moore and Dion Porter

Twenty and Still in Early Stages: Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies at the University of Calgary

Nancy Marlett

Tertiary Education for Professionals in the Field of Disability Studies: Roads of Progress and Crossroads

Verity Bottroff, John Grantely & Roy I. Brown

Disability Studies as Mechanism for Social Transformation: Development of an Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Program at the University of Manitoba

Don Fuchs

The Development of Disability Studies at One College of Higher Education in England

Sheila Earwaker & Barry Gray

Number 2: Abstracts of Graduate Student Dissertations and Exit Papers

Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts

Modifiability of the Psychomotor Domain

Paulene H. Kamps

Interpreting in Legal Contexts: Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

Debra Russell

Understanding the Trauma of Spinal Cord Injury

Clark Sloan

Masters Degree Exit Paper Abstracts

Stepping Outside the Lines: The Implementation of Provincial Health Policy by Two Regional Health Authorities via the Community Rehabilitation Program

Donna den Otter

Caregiving and Mediation: Exploring Opportunities for Community Rehabilitation

Lori A. Eberhardt

Psychosocial Factors: Barriers to Re-employment of Workers Disabled by Occupational Low Back Pain and Chronic Pain

Manjit Grewal

Friends as a Source of Social Support for Older Persons

Carla Hamarsnes

A Disability Policy Evaluation and Analysis Alberta Within a General Context: How Policy Impacts Human Resource Practices in the Adults with Developmental Disability Service Sector

Karen Heslop

Are people with Disabilities Afforded Equal Protection in the Euthanasia Debate?

Judy M. Lloyd

The Alberta Children’s Initiative: An Agenda for Joint Action. Is it beginning to make a difference?

Donna Ludvigsen

The Effectiveness of Early Behavioral Intervention for Autism

Brenda Rose

The Independent Medical Examination as Surveillance

Lee Tasker

Rehabilitation after A Patient Assault: Understanding the Needs of Nurses working in Long-Term Care

Susan Tasker

A New Look at an Old Subject: Ageism

Pat Winter

Psychosocial Factors: Barriers to Re-employment of Workers Disabled by Occupational Low Back Pain and Chronic Pain

Vlad Yakimow

Number 3: Articles

Impact of Drama-Based teaching on Academic Performance of Students With/Without Learning Disabilities

John Poulsen & Gregory Fouts

Teaching Moderately Intellectually Disabled Students Addition Through a Dot-Notation Approach

Mario Pupo & James Hanrahan

From Authenticity to Thick Description and Externalizing The Problem: A Turn to Narrative Therapy In Working With People Dealing With Schizophrenia

Gary Nixon

Choice, Task Preference, Task Performance and Happiness Indicators with Persons with Severe Development Disabilities

Carole Mulaire-Cloutier, Trica Vause, Gary L. Martin & Dickie C.T. Yu

Volume 23, 1999

Number 1: Articles

Early Interventions Services and Parents with Disabilities

Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Kirsty Thompson & Alison Proctor

Challenging the Discourse: The Importance of Upholding An Ordinary Indentity

Dimitry Peter

Quality of Life and Role of Pets

Jean Stoten, Julie Taylor & Roy Brown

User Evaluation of Disability Services: A Case Study from the Guide Dog Association of South Australia and Northern Territory

Sue McAllister & Roy Brown

Number 2: Articles

Pardon my Language: An examination of the Profession Importance of Jargon

Robin Jackson

Using Quality of Life as the focus for Investigating the Lives of People who have Children with Disabilities

Susan McKenzie

Vicky’s Homemade Pasta

V. Ruth Davey

The Relationship of Leisure and Quality of Life

Beth P. Velde

Why Drama? Why Not!

Jen Cousins

Number 3: Articles

Passage to Employment

Rick Freeze, Rod Kueneman, Sid Frankel, Mike Mahon & Tracy Nielson

Toward a Social Model on the Intergration of Persons with Human Communication. Disorders into The Workplace

Linda Garcia, Jacques Barrett & Chantal Laroche

Supported and Self-Directed Employment Support Initiatives in Canada: An Overview of Issues

Aldred Neufeldt, Judith Sandys, Don Fuchs & Martin Logan

Many ways to Learn: Young People’s Guide To Learning Disabilities

Beth Parrott

Volume 22, 1998

Number 1: Articles

A Sporting Chance for People with Disabilities

Peter Downs

AUSRAPID A Model for Inclusion

Robyn Smith

Recreation in the Context of Community Membership: Experiences of Older Adults in Indiana

Jane E. Harlan

Access to Outdoor Recreation Opportunities for People of all Abilities

Patrica Lognuir & Peter Axelson

Beyond Skill Development

Greg Reid & Jennifer Hermo

Announcement The Larnaca Resolution


Numbers 2/3: Articles

The Effect of Intensive Interaction on the Sociability of a Man with Severe Intellectual Disabilities

Deborah Lovell, Robert Jones & Geraint Ephraim

From Behavior Support to Community Inclusion: How Environmental Change Determined a Change in Intervention Practices

Willian Angus

Making a Restitution to a Service System Survivor

Debbie Reid

Reducing Stereotyped Behavior: An Experimental Analysis of Intensive Interaction

Robert Jones & Huw Williams


Self-Injurious and Stereotypic behaviour: Commentary on the Current State of Knowledge

Aldred Neufeldt (Convenor) Douglas Biklen, Maurice Feldman, Robert Jones, Stewart Mcdonald (Discussants)

Volume 21, 1997

The following articles are based on presentations given at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability Conference, Helsinki, Finland July 1996.

Number 1: Articles

Effects of early intervention for children with developmental disabilities

Adrian T.G. van Gennep, Bieuwe F. Van Der Meulen, Cees G.C. Janssen and Adrian Vermeer

Human Figure Drawings from age 4 to 104 and in people with impaired cognition

Kjerstin Ericsson, Pernilla Hilleras, Mona-Lisa Sundell and Bengt Winblad

Pitfalls in Educational Programming for Autistic children in the United States of America

Lori R. Muskat and Laurel A. Redefer

Developmental handicap and gender differences in quality of life

Patricia M. Brown

Number 2: Articles

Personal Experiences of Hearing Loss

Sophie O’Halloran

Development of Mentally Disabled Persons with and without Down Syndrome

Adrian van Gennep

Struggling to become Empowered: Two Parents Point of View

Erik de Graaf & Marian de Graaf-Posthumus

Development of work Processes in the Institutions for People with an Intellectual Disability

Merja Karkkainen

Number 3: Articles

The Influence of Disability and Service Delivery on Quality of Life Within Families

Robert A. Cummins and Christine Baxter

Parents with Intellectual Disability and Mainstream Family Agencies

Gwynnth Llewellyn, Rosalind Bye and David McConnell

Psychotropic Drug Review: Preliminary Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Process

Laurie Koval, Suzanne L. Barker-Collo, Lois Hutchinson and Shaun Boo

Volume 20, 1996

Guest Editor: Jean L. Pettifor, Ph.D.

The Need for a Code of Ethics for Community Rehabilitation

Christine MacFarlane

Implications of the Feminist Therapy Ethical Code for a Social Construction Theory of Disabilty

Thomas Poulsen

Children with Special Education Needs:
Some Ethical Issues for Practitioners in the UK

Geoff Lindsay

Use of Force with Mentally Retarded Individuals

Willy-Tore Morch and Eva E. Skoe

Restrictive Practices: Issues in Power and Control

Doug Milloy and Judith Kreuger

A Bill of Rights for Individuals Diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders: A Report and Rationale

Clare L. Dupuis

Ethical Issues in Collaborative Disability Research: Applications of the Partnership Agreement Framework

Kari S. Krogh

Educating Community Rehabilitatiaon Practitioners in Ethical Decision-Making

Kathleen K. Biersdorff

Number 2: Articles

Assessment and Baselining in Behavioural Programming: Are They Really Necessary?

Barry Brazier, Deb Milne and Larry MacDonald

Can the ABLA Test Help Staff Match Training Tasks to the Abilities of developmentally Disabled Clients?

Lorraine DeViele and Garry L. Martin

Assessment of Quality of Life for Adults with a Learning Disability in a Community Residence and in an Institutional Setting: How Do They Compare?

John Kelly and Peter G. Walsh

Number 3: Articles

Personal Programmes and Quality of Life

Roy I. Brown

Towards and Interactive Treatment Model of Stereotyped Behaviour

Beth Y. Miller and Robert S.P. Jones

The Transition to Self-directed Work Teams in a Human Service Agency

Larry MacDonald

Development and Evaluation of the Communication Ability Screening Survey

Suzanne L. Barker-Collo


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