About the IJDCR

The International Journal of Disability, Community and Rehabilitation (IJDCR) publishes papers of research and critical analyses of issues at the intersection of disability, community and rehabilitation. It welcomes perspectives of a diverse range of contributors including those who have experienced disability, researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, professionals and policy makers.

All of the IJDCR's content is open access. The IJDCR does not charge processing or publication fees, and is free and open to the public.

This e-journal was preceded by the International Journal of Practical Approaches to Disability, published in print format for 24 years. The latter successfully experimented with co-editors in two countries-- Canada and Australia.

In our move to an electronic format, the journal seeks to develop both regional editions, giving voice to regional issues and perspectives, and an international edition, seeking to provide an internationally comparative perspective on issues. The Canadian regional edition, to a substantial degree, carries on the mandate of the Canadian Journal on Rehabilitation which was published in print format until 1999.

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The IJDCR is available to follow on at @IJournalDCR, and all new content will be broadcast via this social media channel.