VOLUME 17, NO. 1

Student Perspectives

The IJDCR has created this new forum to showcase the voices of a new generation of disability students. Our wish is both to broadly reflect the perspective of emerging thoughts and ideas in our field; and to introduce students to the publishing process, standards, and experience associated with the rigour of scholarly research.

How Disability Is Portrayed In University Websites, by Roberta Armitage

Dining Room Enhancements to Empower Long Term Care Residents, by Yun Cho

Access to Advocacy for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families, by Mikaela Johnson

Pan-Indigenousism and Cultural Appropriation: A Practicum Student’s Observations in the Community, by Candace Parsons

The Impact of Parent Voice in Fundraising Initiatives for Non-Profits that Support Children with Varying Abilities: An Empowering Approach to Fundraising, by Andrea Sorley

My Experience Working in a Home-Based Early Childhood Education Program: A Collaborative Learning Model for Multidisciplinary Teams Working in Early Childhood Education, by Janine Sorley

For details on how to submit student work, see IJDCR's Student Perspectives submission guidelines.