VOLUME 15, NO. 1


Now and Next: A radically new way to build peer leadership with families raising young children with disability or developmental delay, by Melanie Heyworth, Sylvana Mahmic and Annick Janson

“Give Me a Job, Give Me Security, Give Me a Chance to Survive:” A preliminary study of employment among post-secondary graduates with disabilities, by Evelyne Marcil, Laura King, Alice Havel, Catherine Fichten, Mary Jorgensen and Jillian Budd

Focus on Facilitated Communication: An analysis of international scientific approaches towards a controversial method, by Markus Scholz and Jan Markus Stegkemper

Brief Research Reports

Offline and Online Social Networks of Israelis with and without Disabilities, by Gur Ayelet

From the Field

Implementation of an evidence-based combined therapy for post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect: a feasibility study, by Geneviève LaGarde, Johanne Higgins and Lucie Tremblay