VOLUME 12, NO. 2 What Sorts of People Should There Be?


Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue, by Gregor Wolbring

What Sorts of People Should There Be? From Descriptive to Normative Humanity, by Kirk Allison

Portrayals of and Arguments around different Eugenic Practices: Past and Present, by Natalie Ball and Gregor Wolbring

Ethically Communicating a Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis: a Theoretical Model Describing its impact on Pregnancy Termination Decisions, by Zachary P. Hart

Screened Out of Existence: The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Selective Screening Policies, by Janet E. Lord

Prohibiting Preferences: Unjustifiable Discrimination against Deaf People Who Want a Deaf Child, by Albany Lucas

What Sorts of People Should be Included… and How? Introducing the BMX model of Inclusion, by Erica S. McFadden and Judith A. Snow

In the Best Interests of Whom? Wrongful Life and Birth Torts: A Regretful Return of State-Sanctioned Ableism, Ian McIntosh and Anne Sommers

Dumps For Humans: the Institutionalization and Citizenship of People with Intellectual and Psychiatric Disabilities in Guatemala, by Samantha L. Serrano