VOLUME 19, NO. 2

Student Perspectives

The IJDCR provides this forum to showcase the voices of a new generation of disability students. Our wish is both to broadly reflect the perspective of emerging thoughts and ideas in our field; and to introduce students to the publishing process, standards, and experience associated with the rigour of scholarly research.

How Do Mandated Disability Supports (Vocational Rehabilitation) Affect Power Roles Between Clients and Service Providers?, by Megan Darvill and Kyra Obligacion

The Value of Community-Engaged Research for Student Researchers in Disability Studies, by Cassidy Schulz, Meriem Aroura and Unnati Sharma

Preparing High School Students with Disabilities for the Workforce: The Importance of Mock Interviews and Work Experience Opportunities, by Amy Janzen

Qualitative Research and Client-Centred Care: A Practicum Student’s Reflection on the Impact of Personal Stories on Rehabilitation Practice, by Ilona Jones

Gender-Segregated Work in a Male-Dominated Society: The Mental Health Realities of Female Employees, by Britney Glowinski

Undergraduate research experiences: A narrative discussion between two undergraduate students within disability studies, by Aspen Lillywhite and Valentina Villamil

The Importance of Critical Academic Discussions from a Disability Studies Lens in Higher Education, by Labiba Nawar

For details on how to submit student work, see IJDCR's Student Perspectives submission guidelines.